Rochester NY – Mall, Moe’s, High Falls, Hamlin, Buffalo Chicken Wings


On Friday we woke up somewhat early, lying on the carcass of our deflated mattress. We didn’t have much to do. Casey was at work so we went out to the mall to see if we could get some clothes. … Read the rest of this entry

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Rochester NY – Garbage Plate

We arrived in the Rochester area on Thursday evening, having come down after a half day of work. Ruud’s friend Casey was there to greet us. We decided right off the bat to go for an old Rochester favorite, ordering a garbage plate. Ruud had a garbage plate in his last week living here and said it was terrible. I had never had the joy of trying one. Casey on the other hand brought us to a little eatery claiming to be its birthplace. Here on the walls were garbage can covers decorated with wreaths and food items. It was a bit strange. I requested the vegetarian version. We both ordered in such a confused fashion that Casey just stood behind us laughing, “You guys look like such tourists!”

I learned pretty quickly a garbage plate is a meal consisting of three burgers with the option of cheese. In my case they were veggie burgers. They sat on top of a huge pile of home fries and an equally huge pile of cold macaroni salad. On top of everything you could add onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, or any combination thereof. I found it quite mediocre and didn’t really understand the concept. I would have preferred warm mac and cheese to cold macaroni salad. Now there’s enough artery clogging comfort foods to be worthwhile! Still Ruud said his was much better than the last attempt and Casey was thoroughly happy with his. I was hungry enough to eat my own arm so it didn’t really matter much to me.

We spent awhile just shooting the breeze, eventually coming back to meet up with the neighbors, also old work friends of Ruud’s. We stayed up past midnight when Casey had to leave, begrudgingly, to go to work. They’d need his assistance for all of eight minutes. By the time he got home we were passed out cold on his floor, our air mattress having given up on life.

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Wacky Little Vermont

Big Moose Deli

We were invited to go to Rochester NY last weekend and we decided the best route was to go through Vermont, not because it’s the fastest (it’s probably not) but because Vermont is just so damned lovable. We drove through … Read the rest of this entry

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Fitzwilliam Common Antique Stores, MA


We drive to Keene pretty often and on our way home we pass by Old Glory Antiques. Well, a few weeks ago we decided to stop in and see what was going there. It was a fairly big place, neatly … Read the rest of this entry

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Sunflower Cafe, Jaffrey NH

The Sunflower Cafe and Catering

Ruud had once again decided we should go out to eat and had given me to opportunity to sleuth out someplace good. He’d been working insane hours and this was our way of exploring more and experiencing new things in … Read the rest of this entry

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The Old Mill [Restaurant] Westminster MA

A view from the covered footbridge leading into the Old Mill.

I had heard about the Old Forge for a long time. It was a place my mother and father used to go to all the time, but that was a long time ago. My mother said she got a job … Read the rest of this entry

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Well, in the spirit of participating in a larger community I have joined Twitter, something I have been neglecting to do since I first heard the word. I just don’t know what I can say in 140 characters but I have decided to try anyway. I promise to stop by as often as possible to post my completely random and hopefully funny or interesting spurts of thought. Feel free to follow me @Chasing_Marbles (I had to use the underscore as the name was already taken. Crazy!) PS, sorry for the Bambi pun, I know it doesn’t quite fit but what else starts with twitter?

Oh and one last thing! I don’t really want Chasing Marbles to shrivel up and die so I have decided to just keep writing in. I will be writing about all the strange and quaint little haunts of New England that we find ourselves in. I realize with Ruud working so much and with me trying to get the book all set we’ve had less time to explore but we still do soemtimes and I feel I should write these things for your amusement.

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Chasing Marbles – The Book

So after much thought and many people egging me on I have decided to take this blog, edit it accourdingly, pick out only the most beautiful of photos, and make a nice coffee table book out of it. I have my heart set on a big hardcover book with full color photos set up very artfully. I realize this will be a long and possibly expensive undertaking that will likely end up being completed for love of the art rather than profit. Still, my first book, it could be exciting. I hope you will all follow along and check it out when it’s finished. Also, sorry I didn’t write about our European travels as I promised. They were a bit hectic to do so at the time and now my memories have faded it’s been so long. To be honest neither of us have even gone through our European photos yet! We’ve been busy!

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Plane Ride to Holland – Weee!


Whew, I am not sure where to start. The past two (or three?) days have been a whirlwind of activity. First there was the week before our trip, packing and finishing up our projects and gifts. There was the usual … Read the rest of this entry

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Europe, here we come!

24 hours from now we’ll be above the ocean in a plane on our way to Amsterdam.
I passed the first part of my Cisco study and received another title & certificate and also got another promotion at work. It’s safe to say that I’m exactly where I want to be at the moment.

I’m super excited about the vacation and almost equally excited about coming back and starting my new function (yes, I know that’s sad!)

Keep checking Chasing Marbles, I’m sure Typh will add quite a few stories soon :)

For now,

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