About us & the chase

About the Chase
Sometimes enduring the mediocrity of life can drive restless souls into plotting the
outrageous and in one foolish endeavor setting forth onto adventures only dreamed
about. This is what this blog is about, two ordinary twenty-somethings, who got
bored one day and started jamming pins in a map of the United States, hoping that in
at least one of these exotic destinations they’ll find the marbles they’re so
desperately missing.

We’ve set up this blog so we can share our crazy little ramble with anyone who wants
to stop by. We will be posting our photos, our thoughts, any interesting anecdotes,
and who knows what in between.

A Little About Us

My name is Rudy, Rudolf, Fish, whatever anyone feels comfortable with really.. My name once started out as Ruud, but considering nobody, including myself, can pronounce that while talking English, I soon switched to using my birth name, Rudolf, most people started calling me Rudy, which has grown on me, so I guess I’ll go by that, for the time being.. Only a select few people call me Fish, I have grown tired of explaining why, so yea…

My life has been one stressful situation after another, it started in Holland when I ran my company for 3.5 years, I lost quite a few marbles at that point in life and needed a break. I sold my company and planned a 3 month vacation to America, I ended up married for 3.5 years and lost the remaining marbles during that time..

I just quit my job and moved away from Rochester, New York, which is where I resided for the past 4 years. Before I get settled again (apartment, job, whatever) I want to see as much of the USA as I can, so I’ve decided to take a nice long trip. The duration and distance of this trip will rely mostly on the funds available..

I’m hoping to recover some of my long gone sanity on these travels… Time will tell whether or not that will happen :)

My name’s Typhani. I’m a cantankerous deeply sarcastic recluse. Every marble in my head has eroded away over the past twenty five years of my existence, which you can probably tell by my art and writing. As you’ve probably guessed I’m one of those “free-spirited” individuals who will harvest any skill so long as they can’t be used in an actual career, you know, like knitting stuffed octopuses, sculpting psychedelically colored Precambrian critters, making abstract Sharpie doodles, and writing this incomprehensible blather.

I am a native of New Hampshire, the “Live free of die” state and have spent many hours loitering around Massachusetts and saying hi to the loafer-wearing hippies of Vermont. It’s a great area full of interesting places and people and lots of history. It’s a whimsical and mysterious place that has always spurned on my daft dreams of someday becoming a writer. And hey, I don’t have much to live up to as my local area only had the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, Jack Kerouac, and Edward Gorey, amongst many others. Perhaps a frivolous jaunt into the unknown will give me some fodder to work with, or at least something to write sarcastic remarks about. Out of all the crazy improbable situations I have found myself in, this one promises to be the most fun.


7 Responses to About us & the chase

  1. Dennis says:

    I lost my marbles back in the 70′s
    Looking to travel huh…

  2. Katherine says:

    When is this going down? I’m so excited for you guys!!

    • Typhani says:

      Don’t have any dates picked out just yet but it’ll be happening pretty soon, sometime in the next two months it looks like. Sorry it took so long to reply. Still learning this whole technology thing… “look a comment! When was that put there? Oops.”

  3. Mark Henninger says:


    Nice job on the blog I like it. I hope you find your marbles. If you do happen to find them can you pick me up a bag as well? ;)

  4. Jody says:

    Stumbled upon your hubpage writing today because of searching for the phrase ‘My two favorite movis are Pan’s Labyrinth and Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ and in turn came upon this site. In the words of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables (hopefully a reference you get…lol) you seem to be a “kindred spirit” and I figured I’d drop avquick note to say thanks for your writing. It was the most interesting part of this lazy Saturday. :)

  5. Jody says:

    And I leave typos…argh