Happy Second Anniversary!

As much as this is a travel blog it’s also a bit of a love story, so forgive my sudden burst of mushiness…

You tell me we have been together for two years but I will have to take your word for this. I was never good at math, or remembering dates, or really anything involving numbers. It certainly doesn’t feel like two years. It feels in some strange way like we’ve always known each other, as if we’ve always been together, growing up and evolving with our hands clasped together, swinging joyfully back and forth.

You’re familiar, safe, and warm. Should we have lived a hundred years ago I don’t think we’d feel any less for each other. I’d wait for your return home from a day of labor in the town or on the farm, and we’d do whatever had to be done before taking some time to sit aside the fireplace and reflect upon our day. At night we’d have all the more reason to cuddle with the cold biting at our toes. Life’s pretty empty without these sweet serene little moments, the quiet times we take for granted that we spend just enjoying each other’s presence. I never really got the term “other half” until you came along. Now without you it’s almost like I feel like something is missing.

All of my years spent in loneliness and solitude were completely worth it if it meant finding you. I’d do it all over again, even though at first it was a painful and rocky road just to get to some little island of sanity. We’ve emerged from these tribulations stronger than we were before and went on to explore and have our own joyful adventures during these more peaceful times. You’ve taught me so much and I know I have evolved into a better person than I was before I had you. Even so I feel like our journey together has just begun with all the excitement and enthusiasm we had on the very first day, but luckily far less anxiety and awkwardness! You fit me like an old shoe – perfectly worn to my rough edges, loved, treasured, and carried through the day by. You inspire me in so many ways to do so many things and to hope for the future and all that it brings.

You bring so much laughter, happiness, and kindness into not only my life but everyone’s life who is around you. I couldn’t have asked for a more gentle and noble soul to have found me. I hope you have a wonderful day on this, the day of our supposed anniversary. It’s been a fast and dizzying two years and yet I have never felt calmer. I love you now with the intensity of the sun and suppose I probably always will in one way or another, for as long as time cares to go on. Looking forward to giving you a big hug when we both find our way back home today. Happy anniversary!

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One Response to Happy Second Anniversary!

  1. Rudolf says:

    Awe! you’re too sweet. I could write a 20 paragraph email here, but since I want to leave early from work, and have tons of it, I’ll keep this short…

    My time with you has been the best time of my life.. easy and without question. We can have fun together without the drama that some couples have to endure and consider to be normal “every couple fights!!!, it’s healthy!”.. Personally I disagree.. I don’t deal with drama very well and I react REALLY poorly to being yelled at or when someone’s mad at me…..

    So.. I’m glad we’re not like that and instead of fighting, just respect the others wishes and deal with the issues in a calm and respectful way..

    When I’m away, or when you’re away, my life just kind of halts… It doesn’t feel right to be alone anymore.. This is a very welcome change from wanting to be alone, which is how I spent most my adult life..

    All n all.. We have a great time together, and I hope it continues that way for a long long time! can’t wait to see you again tonight, We’ll go get some good (might I even say exquisite!) food at the Sunflower..

    Love you baby! never stop exploring! oh.. that sounds kind of bad actually.. eesh…