Seaver & McLellan Antiques – Jaffrey NH

Main Street Jaffrey is really looking up these days! We stopped in to check out Seaver and McLellan Antiques after watching the bizarre window displays for months. I always wondered who their window dresser was and what he was up to. I bet you he was an interesting fellow. In any event we walked in and were startled by the presence of a very large carved Asian thing. It was like a mobile room with room to walk inside and lay down on its bed. Very impressive, very big, and probably more expensive than I wanted to know. We walked around.

I was delighted to find one corner of the store was filled with weird little things like bugs in jars, a giant mold of a chicken fetus, some racoons and possum skulls, a few enormous dried star fish, a megacolon-riddled mouse pickled in a jar, and a few other morbid things. The guy there was asking $50 for a tiny dried octopus in a jar that could easily be replicated by going to an Asian food market and shoving the little guy in a food dehydrater. He was asking $40 for the baby ray encapsulated in plastic, despite the fact it was badly cracked, to the point it was almost not displayable. We stopped asking for prices (nothing was marked.) All and all its an interesting little store with a few quirky things here and there, including odd arrangements of items like the placement of a goat skull atop a dress form. If you happen to be in Jaffrey poking about its an odd little place worth a gander.

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