Thrifty Bear – Jaffrey NH

I saw this beautiful green hippie dress in the window of the Thrifty Bear and I just had to stop to see it! The Thrifty Bear has been in Jaffrey for longer than I can remember and was a place to buy second-hand children’s clothes until recently when it changed hands. I can’t believe how chic it is now, certainly the most chic used-clothes store I have ever been to. I walked in and there were two women running the store – which is now run on consignment. I tried on the green dress which fit beautifully except for the fact my boobs were way too big for it and I couldn’t zip it up. Damn.

I looked around some more. There was a lot of really nice brand name clothing and even a pretty steam punk dressĀ  (size 4 – if an adult is that thin they’re either anorexic or dying.) I found a few items I liked including a dress I thought might be good for an upcoming wedding. The women there chastised me for trying it on with my jeans on but I wasn’t going to take them off in that tiny flimsy changing booth! Besides if the dress fits over my jeans surely it must fit without them and even if not it looked cute with jeans! They tried ever so politely to talk me out of this pick (as the ribbon under the boobs wasn’t quite positioned right.) This just made me want to buy it more… so I did, along with a fantastic shirt that everyone agreed looked good on me.

All and all this store had some really nice clothes, especially if you happen to be an anorexic teenager, although it did have some clothes for regular sized people. I will go back again when I need something snazzy!


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