Kayaking on Emerson Pond Rindge, NH

We recently bought kayaks in an attempt to find an out-of-house hobby that could give us some much needed exercise and peace of mind. The last time I had kayaked I was probably ten or twelve years old and Fish never had. Still we looked around and eventually settled for two Kayaks from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was raining that weekend so we waited until the next weekend to check out or local pond – Emerson Pond. I had grown up swimming here and had gone out on fishing expeditions many years ago and knew the pond was actually pretty sizable.

We were a bit uncertain at first but within a few short strokes we were on our way. We took some time learning how to maneuver, which at first we were both really bad at, ramming each other like bumper cars repeatedly and occasionally getting stuck in brambles. After this initial awkwardness Fish sped up and raced out onto the lake. I paddled laboriously behind him, out of breath and aching. This was not what I wanted to be doing. Kayaking was supposed to be relaxing! When he noticed a Blue Herring he paddled right up to it until it flew off – four times. The bird wasn’t amused. The turtle he found next was a little more chill about it all. He sat on a log sun bathing and didn’t take much notice of us until he plunked back into the water and resurfaced at the edge of my boat to say hi. I could have picked him up so easily but I didn’t, my turtle catching days having long passed me.

The lake was beautiful and fairly quiet. No one was out swimming or boating that day but they were on our next trip out. Children lined the shores happily squealing as did little yappy dogs. Even when they were far out of sight you could still hear them clear as a bell. This time we took it more slowly outlining the lake and peering at its shores and shallows. We saw fish, birds, pondweed and underwater mites, pond skimmers, diving beetles, and many many beer cans sitting at the bottom in the sand and weed. Littering is one of those things that both myself and Fish find so absolutely repulsive and disgusting that we’ll bitch about it to whoever is around whenever we see it. There’s just no reason for it, especially when you’re out on a nice wildlife friendly pond or lake. We spent more than two hours exploring every crevice and even saw parts of Emerson I wasn’t even familiar with. Of course it’s a popular pond inhabited on almost all sides with many houses but it could be much worse, at least there were still many trees and untouched shoreline.

We’ll likely return again as it is so nearby and convenient, a place to escape when we need an escape.

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