Last Morining in Rochester – Panera Bread

On Sunday we got up somewhat late and took Casey out to have one last breakfast in Rochester. We went to Panera and we all ordered bread bowls, insisting Casey should try one.

The whole morning was odd and funny. At one point Ruud started adding a peppering of curses to his language, which isn’t totally normal for him, and I wondered what was up. Apparently there was a table of children sitting behind us and their parents were sitting two tables away glaring at Ruud every time he swore. His point is f you don’t like it sit closer to your kids. “Sooo I guess you two won’t be having any kids…”

At one point I told Casey that if we ever become millionaires we’re going to buy a Hummer, paint it cotton candy pink, and paste a bunch of Hello Kitty decals on it. Casey said we should go further with it. “Use more Hello Kitty decals and get some dead ones with crossed out eyes!” A teenage girl passing us by gave Casey a look that could have killed. I burst out laughing but no one else had caught on to her laser eyes.

Later Ruud was staring at the artwork on the walls asking us if it looked like flatworms. “That’s bread… all of it is bread.” “It looks like a flatworm! That’s exactly what flatworms look like!” Casey then replied, “This is how you find the weird people isn’t it? By pointing out the flatworms and hoping someone will agree.”

After we finished we dropped Casey off and said goodbye. It had been a long, eventful, and fun weekend. Who knows what the next meet up will be like.


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